$100,000 In Sales Within 4 Hours






Startup Launch


Social Strategy
Email Marketing
Web Design
Influencer Marketing

Outstanding Results.

We teamed up with the event management company, Hosted by Dinner4Four to plan and execute a strategy to grow the brand through social media before moving forward with creating eye-catching viral content that would send users to a landing page where we captured thousands of emails and phone numbers in which we would later use to launch a massive pre-sale.

  • 5000+ subscribers
  • 28000+ social engagements
  • 100000+ revenue in 4 hours
  • Sold out event

We used targeted engagement + paid advertising on both Facebook & Instagram to increase audience reach.

Using Instagram, we identified who our target audience was and where they were. We then began engaging with each user, liking and commenting on their posts before following them. We then retargeted those users on both Facebook and Instagram with ads, combined with constantly seeing us in their notifications and on their timeline, we were able to reach the target audience and hold their attention while we displayed the brand story we wanted them to see. All while placing them through a direct sales funnel.


Shareable and viralable content ONLY.

Once we had the audience engaged, it was important that we only used unique high quality content that spoke to the audience providing a new experience to Ottawa. We wanted to attract people who enjoyed fine dining as well as the outdoors, so it was important for us to capture content that translated the Welcome To Soiree experience in a way that made sense.

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