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Outstanding Results.

We designed, developed, and optimized a creative strategy to engage Bare’s target audience using a compelling contest that lead to outstanding results. This project led to an increase in brand awareness and appointments while increasing subscribers by attracting their target audience with a lead magnet.

  • 29M+ social media impressions
  • 39000+ contest entries
  • 275000+ profile visit
  • Thousands of new subscribers

We used targeted engagement + paid advertising on both Facebook & Instagram to increase audience reach.

Using Instagram, we identified who our target audience was and where they were. We then began engaging with each user, liking and commenting on their posts before following them. We then retargeted those users on both Facebook and Instagram with ads, combined with staying in front of our target audience in their notifications and on their timeline, we were able to reach and hold the attention of thousands of users while we displayed the brand story we wanted them to see. All while placing potential customers through a direct sales funnel.

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Every entry wins a prize!

Of course, a successful campaign needs to gather more than just mentions, social followers, and impressions. So what we did was include an additional $5.00 gift card to the landing page of the contest which we directed traffic to through paid advertisements. This opt-in collected the information of 1,000+ users, sending them through a sales funnel that encouraged them to share the opt-in page + book their first appointment with Bare Body Sugaring while staying in front of their audience for weeks.

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